About us

Bootstrapped all the way, we are extremely proud of what we’ve achieved. Our primary focus is providing traffic to the performance-based and affiliate marketing sector. The aim of Cyber Turtle is to allow advertisers to run highly targeted campaigns on the mobile internet and in apps, and for publishers to monetize their mobile sites and apps with advertising.
Cyber Turtle is a straightforward, efficient marketplace where you can set up campaigns, upload creatives, set your targeting, add funds, and activate campaigns all from within a simple-to-use web interface. You can then view your online stats and tweak your campaigns to ensure you get a great return!

Switzerland is the the hub of the company: it’s the starting point of the Cyber Turtle success story. This is where our technology has been developed and gets improved every day.

Our experience

Cyber Turtle is a global company investing in meticulously selected gaming companies to help them reach their full potential. With a widespread contact network throughout the world, Cyber Turtle has built a strong financial position thanks to its capacity for shrewd market assessment and an in-depth understanding of the game industry and finance.